garden of earthly delights



I want to contact your clan leader. Who should I be talking to?
The Garden has no clan leader. Any inquiries can be sent to Garden of Earthly Delights (#725390); the account is checked frequently by our members.

What's in your clan rumpus room?
Wall calendar, self-help books, Mr. Klaw machine, desk calendar, comfy sofa, snack machine.

What's in your VIP lounge?
Crimbo tree, pool table, looking glass, April shower, FAX machine. Oh, and all the regular stuff, too. We tend to keep things up to date.

What's in your clan basement?
We have both the Hobopolis and Slime Tube dungeons. Both are usually open for casual runs. We also do occasional stunt runs: sticks, coats, hamsters, slimelings, whatever.

Do you do stat boosts?
No. We discontinued stat boosts as our members spend most of their time in hardcore or ronin, or are too high-level to need stat boosts.

Do you do clan warfare?
No. No interest in it, and no plans on ever doing it.

Do you do any clan projects?
Yes. See our projects page for a start; we also do in-clan events, games, and puzzles. Participating in clan projects is always optional; real life is busy, after all.


What requirements are there to join?
Since we're a social clan, we don't care about stats, ascensions, assets, etc. You need to be willing to socialize - hang out in /clan and stay up to date on our forums. Membership is by application; your app tells us whether you'd likely be a good fit in the Garden.

I was invited by a clan member to apply, and/or I know people in the clan. Do I still have to submit an application?
Yes. Applicants are voted on by all clan members, and not everybody will know you. An invitation from a clan member only assures you the vote of that member.

I don't know anyone in the clan, but I've seen your members around [chat channel/forum/etc.] and want to join. Do I have a chance?
Yes. We've voted in people that we didn't know well, based on the strength of their application. However, you may be rejected if we can't get a good sense of your personality and/or whether you'd be a good fit.

I'd like to apply with a multi. Is this allowed?
Yes. You can apply with any account, main or multi, as long as you will be active in the clan with that account.

I'd like to remain in my clan, but be whitelisted in the Garden so that I can visit. Is this allowed?
We have a visitors whitelist, but it is invitation-only.

I sent in an application and haven't heard anything back. What's up?
We may still be voting on your application. If more than 7 days have passed and you haven't heard from us, send a kmail to Admin of Earthly Delights (#482125); it's possible that we didn't receive your app for some reason.

Still have questions? General inquiries can be kmailed to Garden of Earthly Delights (#725390). Application-related inquires can be kmailed to Admin of Earthly Delights (#482125). If a few days have passed and you haven't heard back, feel free to drop a kmail to OriginalSnarf (#598595), Gemelli (#384532), or Baron Mind (#70341). We'll help you figure out the scoop.

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