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Tools and Resources

Pop Goes the Loathing
Exhaustive library of popular culture references in KoL. Frequently updated.

The Well-Tempered Epicure
The Well-Tempered Mixologist
The Well-Tempered Anvil
Guides to KoL food, booze, and pulverizing, respectively. Information on adventures, stats, recipes, and more.

Tour de Louvre
Mapper for the "Louvre It or Leave It" adventure in the Haunted Gallery.

Tripping the Fog Fantastic
Mapper for the violet fog adventure obtained with astral mushrooms.

The Wumpinator
Mapper to help you track down the Wumpus in the Agua de Vida content.

Free mod to KoLmafia that automates MMG bets.

Contests and Events (Current)

There are no contests or events running at this time.

Contests and Events (Past)

The Return of the Living PGtL
Contest to submit new references to Pop Goes the Loathing.

Do you know your ass from a hole in the ground?
Contest to add to our ass/hole in the ground trivia set.

Diamonds Take Forever
Nonlinear multi-puzzle contest.

The Really Evil Scavenger Hunt
Logic puzzle contest.

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